Carly in a thunderstrom...


Mar 6, 2007
So my baby brother graduated Friday night. As most high-school graduations, it was outdoors. Well the sky started looking dark... and darker... and darker. As soon as my Dad said he felt a rain drop, I pulled a garbage bag out that I keep in a wristlet inside my purse. As soon as I felt the rain, I unfolded the bag and put my Carly inside. The guy next to me was amused... he said "Priorities!". So my whole family, all the graduates, everyone in the bleachers (including lots of grandparents)... we all got soaking wet! But my Carly was safe!
I feel your pain, at my son's soccer game I just got my denim carly and it started to rain I tucked it to me as best I could and then when they called for a break I dashed to my car and put her in safe and sound!!
LOL - too funny - but not because you put the Carly in the garbage bag to keep it from getting soaked but mostly because you keep a bag on hand for just such occassions.

That's a Coach girl for ya! Always prepared. :greengrin:
LOL... priorities! :yes:

One day when I was shopping a freak shower started up, so I stood at the entrace of Target & emptied out a Target bag of stuff I'd just purchased to use it around the handbag I was using. :P I'm sure ppl thought I was nuts... but like you said, at least my bag was dry!!