Carly here gone tommorrow

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  1. I was so happy to join the Carly club before my Carly arrived. My husband bought me a Large Chocolate Cotton Carly for my bday off eBay. It was supposed to be brand new & with tags.Well it arrived the tag looked like it had been threw the mill ,but it was attached with a small zap strap.Not the one's Coach use. The bag was badly soiled from a lot of use.I was on the phone asap, she swore that the bag wasn't used because the tag was still on it. She refunded the money - the postage after i send it back my cost. So it cost us about$48.00 in postage......... So ladies be careful buying from e-bay.......After seeing how dirty the Cotton can get, I ordered the Large Carly in khaki & saddle from the coach store in Lynnwood Wa..We are going down this weekend to get it. The Vancouver coach store's are sold out......The bag itself was so nice I loved the size it hung so nice on my shoulder. Thanks for letting me vent..........Joanne
  2. Ahh, that sucks! I am so sorry that you had this bad experience with eBay. I have that same carly and I havent gotten it dirty so It must have REALLY been used. It just amazes me what some people think they will get away with.. like you wouldnt notice that it was dirty and used:confused1:

    On the upside, Congrats on your new Carly that will be arriving soon!
  3. Sorry that the chocolate cotton carly was such a mess, but glad to hear that you're going to get a khaki/saddle Carly! Congrats!
  4. You will love the khaki/saddle Carly....I adore mine!

    I've been burned on eBay a few times....makes me very cautious to buy anything anymore. I'm glad that you were refunded and all is well :happydance:
  5. Oh so sorry to hear that cotton Carly was so dirty....I happened to see one in the mall today that also was super dirty, yuck, and frankly was glad I didn't get a bag in that scheme due to worrying about dirt. I do have the cotton wristlet and am a little paranoid.

    BUT good news on finding the khaki one! Oh I just love the Coach boutique at Alderwood Mall...and the SAs are extra cool too!!! Have a great road trip!
  6. Ebay can be risky, but congrats on your khaki/saddle'll luv it!
  7. Aw that sucks, you have to be careful with ebay, but enjoy your new Carly i just love it in that color
  8. Sorry to hear what you had to go through to get your Carly. Thank goodness you were able to return the eBay purse to the seller! What a pain. Enjoy your new Carly in good health, you will just love her, Congrats! :smile:
  9. What a bummer! I have dealt on ebay a ton and had 99% great experiences, but that 1% can bite hard. :tdown: One thing I would say is the seller should have refunded the shipping TO you since it was misrepresented.. you may want to see about that still. I am so glad you found the khaki/saddle!!! I have that in the medium carly and I adore her.. congrats!!! :yes:
  10. Sorry, you had a bad experience on ebay but at least the seller refunded your $$. Congrats on finding the khaki/saddle. Good choice!:tup:
  11. Wow that SUCKS. Pisses me off when I hear about this kind of thing. You'll love the regular sig, tho. You won't regret it!
  12. Aww, I'm sorry that happened. At least now you'll get to buy it from the store, and have the satisfaction of knowing that it's brand-spanking new & authentic!
  13. That is a HUGE bummer. I always saty away from Ebay to get my Coach. I just don't trust people...hope you left her the feedback she deserves. That new Carly will ease your pain!!!
  14. Glad you will be able to get your money back and glad that you will get your Carly from the store.
  15. Khaki/saddle is MY favorite Carly color!! I am sorry to hear about what happened w/ your ebay situation....I cant wait to see your brand new Carly though!!! That will make you very happy! ENJOY~~~~