Carly hang tag in beet color

  1. hi, i have a carly in beet. My hangtag just fell off:tdown:, has anyone order a hang tag from coach before? How much is it, does anyone know? thanks for the help
  2. Just call Jax, they are free :yes:
  3. thanks
  4. hi, i just called jax, they will ship in 2-3 wks. thanks so much for all help
  5. Can I get that number? Will they ship legacy tags too since that's what fell off mine :sad: TIA :smile:
  6. The number is on the Coach website, 1-888-262-6224.

    I'm not too satisfied with their replacement hangtag service. I called twice for a replacement for my black Legacy and never received anything. I think other people have said they've sent the wrong tag or a brass one when they requested leather.
  7. No problem. :okay: I have only had to call once and they did send the right tag.. but I have heard they can get it wrong sometimes. I have also heard of SA's saying they sometimes have extras so you could always check at the Coach store. Mine came quickly from Jax too. :tup:
  8. yeah, it's hit or miss...everytime i've called, i've gotten a miss.
  9. this is my first time order a replacement hang tag. will see in a few wks