Carly, Gallery Tote, or Sig. Stripe?!?!

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  1. Ive gone and done it, ive over thought the coach bag purchase! haha
    I really cant decide between the studded gallory tote, the medium signature carly or the signature stripe tote!
    Im really looking for a bag that will be large enough to carry all my stuff, but comfortable to wear on my shoulder.
    What do you guys think? :shrugs:
  2. Carly for sure, if you want to wear in on your shoulder. I have a tote and it's just not comfortable on the shoulder. Carly is awesome!!

    Although.... the studded gallery tote is beautiful..... :smile:
  3. I notice the medium carly only has a 6 1/2 drop, is that going to be comfortable on the shoulder?
  4. Sig Stripe Tote! I have 2 and they are the best!
  5. I have the med Carly and she is really comfortable on my shoulder. Since it has a wide strap it never digs in no matter how much I weight it down. I also like the Carly vs. the tote b/c it zips closed (I don't like my stuff visible and I drive crazy so my bags always tip over in my car). I vote for the med Carly in chocolate :tup:
  6. I have a gallery tote but never wear it on my shoulder, just as a handheld. I'll be getting a Carly though, real soon, and I can't wait!
  7. I vote Carly :tup: It will hold plenty, be comfy on your shoulder, and they way it slouches there is PLENTY of room from your arm! :yes:
  8. I have the gallery tote and wear it on my shoulder, I love that bag in the chocolate, but the Carly is so nice too and very comfortable.
  9. The carly might have a small strap drop.. but when you put stuff into that bag.. the bag does sucha BEAUTIFUL slouch that the strap drop gets bigger!

    I was worried about the same thing but the bag is just WONDERFUL!!
  10. Carly!!! =)
  11. Although I love the sig stripe tote, I really like the gallery tote because I haven't seen them all over the place.
  12. All of the them!!! No really I absolutely love all of your choices but since I can only pick 1 I pick the Carly!:nuts: Here is a pic. of a med. carly I used to have and how it fits on your shoulder.

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  13. Thank all you guys for your help! You girls are great in furthering my addiction :smile:.
    I actually just went to the Coach store this afternoon and tried them all on and I think ive decided on the chocolate studded gallery tote, I was really torn between it and the med. Carly (which IS a great everyday bag), and I really want BOTH! But i just think that since the Carly will be around for a long time, and the studded tote won't be available after this year, I think Im gonna go with it! And get the carly maybe for my birthday in March :smile:. To my surprise, the gallery tote really wasnt too uncomfortable to carry on my shoulder!
    My mom is thinking of getting me the tote for Christmas, and my fiance might be getting me the matching wristlet :smile:))!
  14. I had decided the same things as well!!! I just thought the cholate studded was sooo pretty !Did you end up getting it!! I love how its a purply brown!! Eek! Tell me how you like it :smile:

  15. I have the medium Carly and the large sig stripe tote and I love both. For an everyday purse I like the carly better, it's more comfortable.The tote is more of a school bag to me.