Carly Dilemma...

  1. I know there are so many of you ladies that have purchased the Carly, as did I...however I am a little bummed because the medium is too small and the large seems too big. I LOVE the style so much but I feel like the large just overwhelms me; I am 5'0. I don't want to return it because it is so pretty...but it's looking that way. Has anyone else felt the same way? :crybaby:

    PS...this is my 100th post. Yea!!!
  2. Congrats on the post... as for the carly, yes, I have felt that way.. I am 5'10" but only put a few things in my purse and to me the large was WAY too big.. looking and for my needs.. my things would just get lost in that.. I thought the medium looked too small but I brought it home and I am starting to totally love it!! It really starts to slouch after you get the paper out and it holds PLENTY.. I would love if it were a few inches bigger, but I am really liking it now!! Don't know, but maybe play around a little.. if not, maybe the carly just isn't for you. I know most love the large, but for me, the large was a no. Good lUck!!
  3. Mine fits perfectly as I'm plus sized......BUT after feeling how much lighter the Ali is I'm in love with it and thinking of selling my Carly to get a black Ali.
  4. Yeah, I am only 5'4 and the large (tried it on in store) did not work for me, too big. The medium was great but overall I liked another bag more.

    If you dont think you will use it then return it. But if you really love it and think you would be fine with the size keep it. The only opinion that really matters is yours ;)
  5. I agree with above posters that if you don't love it, I'd return it. :sad: JMO, though. There are so many great bags out now, maybe there is another bag that you'll fall in love with.
  6. I hear you! I think it's that thing that I WANT it to work, even though it may not. I also bought the large denim tote...fantastic, love it, perfect. I never thought twice about it. That definitely says something!
  7. I'm nearly 5'9" and just bought the medium carly. It's really the perfect size-- the large was just too big. If you don't love it, return it, but you may want to reassess the medium.
  8. how long have you been wearing you current medium? it's such a gorgeous bag, once you have it around for a little bit, you may change your mind. but if you're really having second thoughts about it, then keep the search alive...imo, the best part of buying something is the hunt.
  9. i went back and forth between the med. and large several times in the store. I am 5'3" and the large was overwhelming, but i carry a lot of stuff, and was scared the medium wouldn't hold it all. I am still waiting to receive it via fedex, but i ended up ordering the medium.
  10. I have the medium Carly and I love it. But I'm not a fan of humongous bags.

    I agree with Ashley, I would return it if you don't love it.

    And this is OT, but every time I see your avatar I get "manamana...doo doo doo doo doo" in my head :p
  11. I'm 5'3 and just got my large Choc. Carly today :yahoo: I love the size but I've been using large bags for the last year. I think once it gets broken in and more slouchy it'll be perfect!
  12. I think my problem with the med Carly is that I am full figured and it almost looks too small! I am going to check out the denim satchel tomorrow after work.

    Have you seen the original Ed Sullivan muppet skits? They are cra-zay!
  13. Hmmm...being a plus sized gal as well, I find that my large Carly fits me just fine.
    I am also 5'9".

    I think its just a matter of personal taste and finding the perfect bag.

    Keep looking until you are happy!:yes:
  14. Well I think that is one thing about the large carly is you have to like big bags, and you have to either carry a lot of things, big things, or not mind fishing through that huge bag for a litte wallet.. otherwise you are looking at medium, which still holds plenty, but the size difference between the two is huge!!
  15. I'm right at 5'0" myself and now have both the medium and the large Carly. When I first tried a large on (at Macy's) they had it completely stuffed and it seemed huge. During my last trip to Coach, I tried on a large one and it still seemed a little big, but not that bad. The third time was the charm today when I tried on and bought a large brown one. My medium one holds plenty and still slouches a bit, but so far I'm loving the slouch on my large doesn't seem so big when it slouches with stuff in it.

    ETA.....forgot to mention that while I'm short, I'm definitely not "petite" in the traditional sense of the word....I love my small hobos, but anything smaller looks retarded on me.