Carly Demi

  1. I am thinking about getting a carly demi and wanted to know what it looks like on and how much it holds.
    Thanks all comments will help
  2. It can hold a cell, mini skinny (not a wristlet) maybe sunglasses...... I am IN LOVE with the black leather (so classy) but I had to return it because it was too small. I am thinking of rebuying during PCE just for special occasions. The problem with it is the height inside. Hope this helps!!
  3. i originally thought the carly could hold a lot more than it does without being stuffed but judge for yourself---in retrospect i guess this does hold a lot:

    i've got a mini skinny, lip balm, lip gloss palatte, oil blotting papers, sample size perfume, gum, keys, ipod, lotion, and sometimes i am able to squeeze in my huge sunglasses.