Carly Demi Sig/Angora Pics for those interested

  1. I got my Carly Demi today and thought I'd post pics of it being worn plus a pic of it with some stuff inside for those who are thinking about getting it. Personally, I love it! :love: It is totally adorable and fits enough in it to be useful to me. I purchased a signature stripe demi too and while I like it, I like the Carly much better. It fits on my shoulder (not sure if it would with a coat) and I can fit a mini skinny, wristlet, cell phone, my reading glasses and compact in it which is everything I need for a night out or a day out shopping. I didn't stick my checkbook in for the pic but it can fit inside too. I cannot fit my Legacy Stripe Kisslock Wristlet inside as it's too tall. (Yes, I do wish the zipper was not so far inset cuz then I could!) The best thing of all is the angora trim! It's a gorgeous off-white color! I'm not a big signature fan but this bag is beautiful and I recommend it for those who want a smaller bag. OK, here's the pics: :yahoo:
    carly demi 1.jpg carly demi 2.jpg carly demi 3.jpg carly demi inside.jpg
  2. thank you so much for the pics, espcially the ones with the stuff inside. its so helpful in deciding what to get.
  3. That is sooo cute! And you wear it very well! Congrats!
  4. congrats! its very nice, I love the white with signature
  5. You're welcome! That's why I posted pics. (I hate doing body shots of myself!) But I know how helpful it is to see it IRL rather than just a stock photo. Oh, and this bag came from I don't know if the angora trim is a Macy's only thing or not. I think the medium Carly with this angora trim would be gorgeous as well!
  6. Thanks for the Photos I think I want one ...

  7. I have officially decided that I want the medium one with the angora trim. Thanks for posting pics.....your demi is adorable!!
  8. tlloveshim, the demi looks great on you!!
  9. it looks so cute on you! thanks for the pics!
  10. It is really cute!!
  11. Congratulations.
  12. That's so cute! :yes:
  13. WICKED cute!:yes:
  14. This is sooo my favorite color combo. YUM!
  15. so cute
    does anyone know when this bag with the angora trim will be in boutiques???