Carly Demi! Need Opinions Asap!

  1. Okay its 1:36am and as soon as the store opens today I am going to call in and add to my order!

    I discovered the carly demi today while looking for to buy something for my mom. Well I fell in love instead :graucho: . So I NEED opinions!!!

    Which one should I get. I loved the leather in the store!

    #1 Untitled Page

    #2 Untitled Page

    Also what mini skinny would you put with it?? TIA
  2. I saw them yesterday as well. Loved the leather one. I'd put a colorful mini inside. I thought the scribbles and the perfume prints were really cute. Maybe a patent leather in a bright color.
  3. Leather and black signature mini skinny.

    I like the leather demi bag best but I think this purple skinny mini would look great in there!!
  5. Black leather, that is the one I want.
  6. Thanks girls..... Leather it is!!! Do youthink its weird taht the carly has all that brass but the mini skinny's have silver?? Could it still work?
  7. I'd go with the black leather. And like others have said, add a colorful mini skinny!
  8. I have the black leather and love it! I'd use a colorful mini skinny too! I use either my khaki/gold ms or my punch stripe ms when I carry mine.

    ETA: the striped accessories have brass hardware don't they? Can't remember... and I'm too lazy to get mine out... But I do believe there are some accessories with brass/gold hardware.


    Yep, they have gold hardware
  9. Can't wait to see pics when you get it!!!
  10. I personally like the leather, and to funk it up a bit I would opt for the patchwork skinny.