Carly decision and other questions

  1. I am planning my next purchase. I really want something in the Khaki/Ebony color combo and I am thinking the large Carly or a legacy satchel in that color combo. I guess my question is, what bags look better in leather and which bags look better in signature. If I got the Carly I would definitley get the signature. I don't have anything in khaki sig and really want something in it and with the black trim. Also does anyone know if the signature bleeker duffle have a leather bottom ? thanks
  2. carly is the best in sig!
  3. Is the drop the same as the Ali ?
  4. Also does anyone have the cross body bleeker in sig ? sig or leather bottom and does it come with that huge hangtag that is in the pic ? I know you can buy the luggage tags separately thanks
  5. Bleeker flap or duffle? Because they are both crossbody. My Bleeker Flap in Rose came yesterday (Late) in the mail and I haven't had time to really check it out. I'll take pictures and post it when I get home.
  6. the duffle. I want something in khaki and black but already have a flap bag but already have a sig duffle in black though. Maybe i will just get the Carly or a satchel from the outlets, IDK. REally what i need is something more for spring and summer that is not leather but that i can use all year round. but mostly in the spring summer. I know there are more summery things like with flowers and stuff but they don't really suit my style or personality and I love pink but don't want to get into having a pink bag that gets dirty.
  7. also thinking the signature stripe magazine tote that can be used cross body. I like longer straps
  8. I would get the Carly in khaki/ebony. I think that the Carly is best in signature. I love the look and I have heard that it slouches a lot better in the signature. As for the drop, it depends on the large or the small I think. Although they have the same drop, the large slouches down quite a bit and creates a longer drop. I have both the large Carly and an Ali and although the drop is "technically" longer on the Ali, the Carly slouches so much that the drop ends up being longer on her. Does this make sense?
    As for the legacy satche, I think that the satchel you are thinking of actually looks better in leather. JMO.
  9. You got the new rose? I'm looking forward to seeing it!!

    Back on topic; I personally like the Carly in the khaki/ebony the most. I have the top handle pouch and love how the black complements the khaki so nicely! It's a gorgeous little bag! Plus I think it's a nice, fresh look for spring/summer although it can be used year 'round.
  10. I love the Carly in khaki/ebony and have a medium one. :love: It is the best! :yahoo:
  11. I think the khaki/black large Carly is a GREAT choice! (I have one and i've been using it for over a month now)

    I think the Carly looks better in signature...Legacy, however...LEATHER ALL THE WAY!

    Whatever you decide, i'm sure it will be an amazing bag :yes:
  12. I have the large flap and I cannot wear it cross-body at all! It would be far too high under my arm, and I am a fairly petite person.

    Regardless, I love the Carly in the sig/ebony and I think it would be a great choice!