Carly Conundrum..

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  1. So I need some advice from you gals...

    I have fallen in love with the signature carly with turquoise trim. I already have the large signature carly in khaki/beet so is it redundant to get it with turquoise?

    I've thought about getting the smaller one so I have at least two different bags (sort of) but I carry so much that I think I really need the large carly!

    I don't know what to do! Help! lol
  2. Turquoise and beet are very different colors so I don't see any problem with you owning one of each. As far as bag size is concerned, I think you would be much happier with a large Carly if you tend to carry a lot of stuff. I know I love the large Carly for myself.
  3. If you think you need the large Carly, I would not recommend trying to "make" the medium work for you - it may just wind up sitting in it's dust bag in the closet. I think that is especially true since both are the khaki sig, which I find to be more casual than say, the black on black. Although they will be useful for different outfits since the beet and turq. are so different, I think they would both be used similarly casually (read: not as a smaller, more dressed up bag) so you would more than likely schlepp all the same stuff with you.

    That being said (I hope that made sense, it is late) I think you should get both since the large Carly seems to work really well for you - I agree with LIblue that they are different enough that you could get use out of both. :tup: The turquoise is gorgeous!
  4. i feel the geranium would be a more closer shade to your beet,so perhaps it would be tougher for u to pick..but as for the turq(gorgeous IRL!!) and the beet, u shld go ahead and grab the turq as u can inter-change it as u go along..agree with the peepz, it it 2 different colors altogether..

    as for the size,some ppl are light travellers while others carry a lot outside,so buy the one which u greatly feel that u will make use of instead of getting it in various sizes as it may end up being underused at some point..
  5. I say if you love the style/look of the bag there shouldn't be a reason why you can't or shouldn't get it... I say go for it! I love the carly bag! :tup:
  6. I also bought the sig carly in khaki/beet. When I saw the khaki turquoise..I had to have it! So I bought both bags in size large. The colors are so different-and gorgeous. I'd say if you want the turquoise also--get it!
  7. A lot of people choose to buy more than one of a particular style, just in different colors and I think it is fine if you like that style of bag. I have done it myself on more than one occassion when I cant decide on a color, I get them both :smile: LOL
  8. I think the trim color is different enough that I would go for it! If you end up liking the turquoise more and thinking they are too alike, you can always sell the beet! :yes: I agree with the others in getting the large, you will regret it I think if you get the medium if you are used to and like the large. :tup:
  9. Ooooh...get the Turquoise!! I tried on the Large yesterday and it was GORGEOUS on! This would make the 1st sig bag I've bought in a LONG time. :yes:
  10. I say go for the large turquoise carly!
  11. I'd say get a lg in one color and a med in the other. I think that would be great to have the color and size choices, but if you can only do one, then go for a lg in which ever color makes you really :drool:
  12. Nothing wrong with having the Carly in two different trims! You'll have a warm color and a cool color!