Carly Conflict

  1. Greetings everyone~
    Newbie here.....

    I am torn between the all black Carly or the khaki/gold one. I'm kindof leaning towards the black one b/c it will hide any mark/stains/etc. but the khaki/gold is so cute (there are some on eBay i'm watching). Which one gets your vote?

    Of course, I could just get one of the new belted Ergos! Those are beauties!:drool:
  2. That is such a tough one. If you plan on owning just one Carly Id probably go for the black. That way there is no stressing on dirt.
  3. I love Khaki bags. I have no trouble keeping mine clean and I live in Oregon where it rains alot. I try to always keep them dry, but it's not always possible. They always seem to stay nice and clean. Each one of them still looks new!

    It's hard to say which I would pick. Like I said, I love Khaki bags, but I think I need to focus on adding black to my collection now. Either one is a great choice!

    I am no help am I? Sorry! Let us know what you decide!!
  4. i think it depends if you are one of the people who wants people to know it's coach- so the khaki would make it very visible, whereas the black is more subtle. (i would personally go for the black!)
  5. Hey Kallison,
    Welcome back!
  6. hello ranskimmie! *hug*
  7. I have the Carly in black and LOVE IT! It really is a worry-free bag in terms of stains or spots.

    I vote for the black. Good luck with your decision.
  8. I vote for Khaki... Although the black is really pretty, it seems like more of a winter purse, while the khaki and gold is year-round. I just saw a khaki and gold yesterdayfor the first time in person and thought that the trim was gorgeous. Another thing about the khaki is that it will stand out a bit more. In my opinion go with the khaki, it isnt very hard to keep clean. But then again the black is timeless. Oh darn. Now I am just confused.
  9. i think the khaki is fierce with the gold hardware. plus i love the signature. you can't really see it with the black. and i think the khaki is more versatile and goes with more outfits than the black.
  10. I have a khaki one and love it. I personally don't like the black at all.

    It just depends on what color you prefer. Carly is a great bag..many of us love her on here :heart:
  11. The khaki/gold is GORGEOUS! I've been trying to locate one not on eBay b/c my hubby doesn't do eBay, but I say khaki/gold all the way!
  12. I say black, but maybe that's just because I want one. I really don't think you can go wrong either way.
  13. I say black b/c you dont have to worry about ANY stains/marks/ will look brand new even when it's old!!!! Good luck choosing!
  14. I vote khaki... I LOVE the khaki. have a khaki/saddle myself and it is worry free, does not show stains easy, etc. I have to say though in the carly I personally prefer the khaki in the medium.. the large carly with the large c's kind of can look like a big billboard to me. But either way you can't go wrong. As long as it's a carly, you will love it!!! Let us know what you decide!! :tup:
  15. Thanks for all the comments, gals! I saw the black Carly IRL today and she's so pretty but didn't set my heart aflutter like the khaki/gold one has. Me likes the glitz! The sales associate I talked to mentioned how quick the khaki/gold ones sold out and how nice she thought they were.

    Sooo....I found a brand new w/tags khaki/gold one (medium size) on Ebay and snagged it. The seller is a power seller w/100% pos. feedback so I feel good about the purchase.
    Thanks again for your I just gotta wait for my Carly to come in!