Carly color ive never seen??

  1. Hi girls! Today I was at class when this girl (who i didnt know) came walking by with what looked like an authentic leather Carly. It was in a very pretty :love: color combo that I dont think Ive ever seen: the bag was a grayish blue with brown trim. Is this a real bag? Does anyone know what the name of the color combo is? Is it something that was only at the outlets? Does anyone have a pictue they can post of it if it is real? I didnt know the girl so I didnt want to ask just in case it was a fake! It was so pretty though! Thanks girls~ :flowers:
  2. Was it in a suede leather? I know when Coach first introduced the Carly line, there was a grayish/blue suede bag but for the life of me I can't remember what the trim was.

    I'll try to scrounge up a pic if I can find one.
  3. No it was leather! Thats whats so weird! It was more of a gray than a blue. It was a strange but very pretty color. Thanks for the help though :balloon:
  4. Hmmm...maybe she got it off of JAX? Maybe as a Special Edition? Maybe not recently, but a while back?
  5. i saw at girl at walmart with a khaki carly w/mahogany trim...i swear coach didn't make that color...
  6. i donno i never heard of that combo...
  7. i think they were both fake!
  8. I know there was a khaki/saddle bag but not mahogany. Can't help you with the leather. There is a parchment leather with brown trim but unless it got really messed up it should still look kinda white.
  9. It could be a Fake.
  10. could be a fake.. and I have seen lots of them on eBay with the mahogany trim, total fakes :tdown:
  11. oh thats so sad! it was a very pretty color combo - they should have made it! but now that you guys have ratted her out as a fake coach carrier i dont know if i can ever look at her the same lol :lol: