carly club

  1. well ladies i so can't join the carly club yet,i just got back from the coach store and i tried to buy the beautiful choc carly but,i just couldn't fit her over my shoulder the way that i liked soooooo i left with the choc sig lrg bleeker flap and let me tell you it is TDF i love everything about it from the choc sig,too all that beautiful leather and that long strap that allows you to just sling it right over your shoulder.:jammin:
  2. Well your selection was amazing even if it wasn't the Carly you wanted!!!!

    I admit that I did not like the choco Carly at first but the more I see her out and about, the more I can say she is truly beautiful and a great choice!!

    Did you try the medium or large Carly? the large has a little bit longer drop so it might change how the bag fits you?
  3. unfortunately the difference in drop on the Carly's is only 1/2" (6.5" to 7"). The large might slouch a bit more though. I wish the drop were a little more but it does fit on me pretty well.
  4. Sorry about the Carly but I am glad to hear you got the Bleeker Flap. That is the next bag on my wishlist :yes: Try to post pics if you can :tup:
  5. i did try both and i wish that they had dropped alittle bit more but,that bleeker flap is an awesome bag.
  6. Sorry the carly didn't work out for ya. Glad you found a bag that you love!!!! Enjoy!!!
  7. Ditto I am sorry the Carly didnt' work for you.. did you try it on without the stuffing in it? That makes a huge difference. Congrats on the bleecker though.. if you love it that is what matters! :yes:
  8. Need pictures!! :biggrin: