Club Carly Club!!! Please Join!!!

  1. OK, girls...Ali has her own it's time for Carly to have HER own club! Let's hear from ALL you Carly owners out there...which Carly do you have? Which SIZE, COLOR, how many, etc....and let us know how much you LOVE her!!!! Post modelling pics if you can!!

    I just purchased my FIRST LARGE Carly in khaki/saddle from eBay and I can't wait to GET HER! Having tried a few mediums, and returned them ALL, I finally got the hint that I should TRY the large size! Anyone else?? C'mon girls! Let's form a club in honor of CARLY!!!! :idea:
  2. I'll bite. I have one carly the choc brow signature large and she's grrrrrrrreat! Perfect bag for me. I can't wait to see the red carly in the fall.;)
  3. Yay! Carly deserves her own club, too!

    I've got the Carly Demi in black signature and I recently purchased it in brown signature, as well. I haven't gotten the brown one yet but I am sure that I will love it as much as the black.
  4. I want to join! I have a Large Sig khaki/ebony and she's PERFECT! I HAD to order the same colors in medium and I found a GREAT deal on eBay! Now if I can get it in the demi I will be SET! I love the carly so much, it's the perfect bag! The way it slouches, mmm!

  5. My sentiments EXACTLY!!!! CARLY RULES!!! PLEASE post pics of your Carly sisters when your medium one arrives! Congrats!!! :tup:
  6. Hi, I just bought the medium Denim Carly on Ebay and very anxious to check her out. I am a Ali lover, but the way you all were talking about Carly, I just had to try it.:smile:

  7. ME TOO....ME TOO!!!!! LOLOLOL :yes:
  8. Here I am! lol I agree, Carly agrees a fan club. :p I also have gone through a couple of medium ones and one large one only to find my one true love.... the large chocolate signature carly!!! :heart: I absolutely adore her.. can't stop staring at her.. she is great!!
    :yahoo:Go Carly!!! :yahoo:
  9. I have a large khaki/saddle Carly and I love her!!!
    The perfect bag for me!:yes:
  10. YAY!!! That's the COLOR and SIZE I JUST BOUGHT!!! LOVE the color combo!!! GREAT pick!!! :tup:
  11. I have the large denim one. I love how huge it is, I can fit a ton if stuff in it :smile:
  12. Yay for Carly!:woohoo:
    I have a medium black and medium gold.
    I love them equally.:heart:
    Well, maybe my gold is loved just a tad bit more.
  13. medium khaki/saddle and large cotton/denim. Love them both for different reasons. My next mission: either a brown or chili red ALL LEATHER carly in medium!
  14. Heya' mommyville!
    I made it a sticky for ya!
  15. :tup: AWESOME Ranskimmie!!!!! Thanks!!!!