carly..classy or trendy????

  1. do u consider carly classy which can be worn season after season or trendy that will go out of style after sometime?
  2. IMO - the "classic" Coach shoulder tote.

    I think the ONLY one that is borderline "trendy" is the Carly with the metallic trim...(but it's so subtle that I don't think it would matter)
  3. I don't think they're trendy, but some IMHO some colors are seasonal, e.g. the ivory/chocolate says summer to me. I'll use it every summer though, not as a passing fad.
  4. I kind of think both.. and I have one. :yes: I do think the colored (blue, red, etc) straps are going to be more trendy just because. Remember when forest green was totally hot? Exactly. I am not saying they aren't pretty... they will just be more trendy. I would like to think they are classic but let's face it... it's not leather and the small c, medium c, large c, etc thing will age any bag probably in time... but it will be a while. I love my khaki/saddle carly though!!! :tup:
  5. i forgot to mention i was talking about the black leather one.
  6. Black leather will NEVER go out of style! You are very safe w/ that color choice!! I agree w/ the above poster who said that the colored straps on the Carly (such as the red and blue) are trendy....also the size of the C's on the signature bags leave and come back all the time....
  7. thanks for ur input i just bought the black leather carly last week and with the little bit money left i was thinking of getting the belted ergo in plum.
  8. What a PERFECT choice for a second bag!!!! I saw the belted ergo IRL and it's GORGEOUS!!! And that plum color is seriously TDF!!!! I think that is a great decision! :tup: And Congrats on your Black leather Carly....She is truly a timeless bag! ENJOY!!!!
  9. thanks mommyville
  10. You are MORE than welcome!!! Please post pics when you get that gorgeous belted ergo!!!
  11. Well in that case :p I think that changes everything.. I dont' think leather bags are trendy.. unless they are in trendy colors (my first more expensive bag was a dooney & bourke awl forest green bag!) it was sooo pretty at the time.. but the style now isn't in anymore anyway, so oh well. :nogood: