1. Oh man I want a carly!:drool: just wanted to let everyone but it'll be a few more weeks before i can get one......darn darn darn
    yesterday i was worried because on the website, the large khaki gold wasn't up, i thought they were sold out or something:crybaby:but today they're back on!:sweatdrop:
  2. you know what? I think someone ought to make a sticky about carly's because everyone like them so
  3. I'm anxiously awaiting the new Carly colors to see if they come out with something gorgeous that I can' live without! Did you see the new thread on the all chocolate carly? Beautiful!:drool:
  4. I :heart: the Carly. I wanted the blue suede one, but I don't trust myself to take care of suede.
  5. I have the Large Khaki/Saddle and I am in love with the khaki/chambray color! There was one on eBay that went for $400 here's the pic.


    I think it's gorgeous!
  6. I have the large black signature Carly and I love it. I think it's so chic looking. I had a large khaki/saddle too but ended up returning it because I thought it was too busy for me. Carly rocks.
  7. I am starting to fall for Carly as well... just hearing all the talk about them and seeing all the pics... it just might be my next big purchase :smile:
  8. I have the medium sig carly in black and I love it! I am anxiously waiting for the chocolate carly to come out. Do you think the chocolate and black/khaki carly will stay for a while or will it be seasonal only? I really want the chocolate carly but after PCE, I am on a ban(enforced by the boyfriend, lol) till the end of August, maybe even longer....What do you ladies think?
  9. i was told that there was a small selection of the khaki/black carly. get it sooner rather than later.
  10. Love the color.
  11. i work at macys and have 30% off right now until sunday. if you`d like me to get you one Pm me

  12. Coach is 30% off at Macys?
  13. :drool: The Carly is already pretty enough, but the chambray! :love:
  14. Ahh I love the Carly. I want the large one sooo bad... I have the Carly pouch though. I guess that will hold me over till I can get a large one!! :p