Carly! But, I feel!

  1. Hey everyone!

    I just go a large sig Carly in khaki/saddle! I love her, but I'm feeling weird about bringing her to work:s.

    I'm a nursery school teacher and I have this feeling lurking in the back of my mind that my co-workers think I'm spoiled. No one else at my school is as much of a Coach fan as me. And I feel like they think I'm either crazy or spoiled! Don't get me wrong, we are all really friendly. And I don't have that many Coach bags. I usually rotate 2-3.

    So now I have this beautiful BIG bag that really does scream COACH. I love it, but? The other thing is I don't really have anywhere big enough to stash it (away for the kiddies and there sticky painty fingers!!:p) There may be one spot I could squeeze her...

    I really want to use her!!! What would you do?? TIA!
  2. I really wouldn't give a crap what anyone else thought of your fab new bag. But I would be TERRIFIED of one of the kiddos getting their hands on it! As long as you can keep it where they can't possibly get to it, I would wear it PROUDLY to work. You worked hard for it, and they are just jealous. If they weren't, they'd be excited for you and your new bag (just like we are)!!
  3. I can relate, where I work I seem to be only person who has a mild addiction to handbags. At first I felt a little wierd but I got over really quickly, I'm allowed to buy whatever I want. Nobody has said anything other then the random remark of "that's a nice bag". So wear your Carly proudly it deserves to be shown off. Just keep it away from the little fingers!!
  4. I can also relate to what you are feeling. Maybe that's the reason why I mostly buy leather instead of the signature which obviously gives away the brand. But I'm slowly getting over that "lurking" feeling and am venturing into signatures that I really am liking. Good luck with finding a safe place to put your bag in while at work! And enjoy your bag!
  5. Thanks, guys!
    I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling this way. Carly was a gift and I'm dying to wear her,but you know that little voice....
    This is my first khaki siggy and it's really bold! I like it I'm just not used to it, I guess.
    I think I will wear her tomorrow!:idea:
  6. I would wear it and love it.. I get like that too and it can make it uncomfortable but usually I don't think they even notice. As far as the kids getting to it with paint or something, that is a whole other issue. :blink:
  7. Wear it and enjoy!
  8. Keep it and wear it! People will always talk so who cares.... :tup:
  9. That is one gorgeous bag, and I might cry if you don't use it or you return it. She deserves to be shown off. Don't worry about what others think of you. But if it does begin to bother you so much that you end up not wearing it, you could return it and get a choc. sig, or black sig. They are a little more subtle. Plus they won't show dirt as much. But I still think you should keep the khaki/saddle. I LOVE that color combo!
  10. I have no problem with people think that I am spoiled because I have nice things - as a matter of fact, I encourage it! Only kidding, but really wear it proudly - as a teacher, you deserve it more than anyone!!
  11. Awww, you're so sweet! Thanks for the nice words!:flowers:
  12. Don't cry! There is no way I'm returning her!!:love: I know I shouldn't be bothered with what people think of me and usually I'm not. I don't know why I'm being so sensitive!
    I just looked through the Carly thread of the Reference Library to psych myself up! Your bags are beautiful!! I'm putting my stuff in Carly and she's coming to work!!! Thanks!

  13. Sweet!!! That's the way to be!!!! Such a yummy bag!:tender:
  14. Wear it proudly! But i dont know if I would wear it to nursery school- just think of how devastated you would be if a kiddie got something on it!!!
  15. I know, but it's state law that teachers personal belongings (ie: purse) are kept out of children's reach. We keep them up high! Way high! I hope she can squeeze into mu cubbie!!:lol: