Carly-Blk Leather or Blk Signature Fabric?

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  1. I just bought a black leather Carly at Macy's and now I wonder if I should have purchased the black signature fabric Carly instead [​IMG] I know the Siganture fabric is really popular, but I was thinking the leather might hold up better :confused1: I need advice from other Coach purse lovers!
    P.S. Macy's is having a sale which includes 20% any Coach purse.
  2. I would keep the leather one, you are right it probably will hold up better and slouch better too. I have the black signature fabric in a duffle but they are the regular size c's and it is hard to see the c's from any distance anyway. The brown on khaki show up better so you may as well have the more durable one, however leather is more maintenance. But either one is beautiful and if that was your first choice then maybe you should go with your first instinct. Sorry is any of this making sense ? Good luck !
  3. I have the black leather Carly. It is gorgeous and unique I wouldn't want to trade it for signature fabric! It is elegant but at the same time a little "motorcycle" -ish. I loooove the smell of leather and it holds up much better than fabric over time too.
  4. I've never had a problem with any of my Coach fabric bags (and this is just my opinion) but I prefer leather over the fabric ones - especially given that there is very little difference in the price point (if there is a difference at all).
  5. leather, leather, LEATHER!!! :woohoo:
  6. I love the leather carly, but I would choose the sig fabric because I think it feels lighter and you won't have to give special care to the leather, that sig fabric holds up well.
  7. this probably isn't helpful but i really want a signature black carly. the leather is nice and classic but i think the signature is just as nice but with that fun sort of touch to it! :smile:
  8. Do you have any Signature Fabric items? If you do, then I would go for the leather. If you don't...well I don't know. I have a dark brown Hobo in the Signature Fabric (I don't know the name) and it's held up super well. I spilled something on it and it just wiped right off. I like both.

    Did you go to Discovery Cove? I took my two kids there two years ago. It was the coolest thing we've ever done. Who was your dolphin? Ours was Hutch. I love your picture.
  9. The leather on the Carly is really light, so I'd go for the leather!
  10. I personally own the black signature large Carly and I love it. I think it looks more sophisticated and stylish than the regular signature ones (though they're great too!). I recently saw the all leather Carly in one of my magazines, on one of the models and thought it was pretty.

    They're both great, so pick whichever you like best. :smile:
  11. This one is really easy only because I own the large black sig. I just really love it because it is so super easy to keep clean and its signature but not bold at all. To me its just right. I say GO SIGNATURE!:yahoo: Just thought I'd add a little pic of Miss Carly;)
    Ebay Pics 257.jpg
  12. I own the large black leather Carly and I love her. I also have a couple of bags in the black signature fabric and I love them too. They are both classic, durable and relatively easy to care for. Which one do you like better? Since you don't have to worry about it being a hard color to maintain it's just an issue of preference.
  13. I have the black signature Carly and I just bought a camel leather Carly because I absolutely love this bag! If I had to choose one though I would say the fabric because it is easier to care for. The black on black signature is my favorite version of the signature - I don't like the khaki ones that scream the Coach logo as much (although I do have one khaki sig bag).
  14. siggie
  15. Leather.