Carly: Black vs. Camel, Lg. vs. Small

  1. I am in the process of returning the black Carly bag for the camel colored one. Does anyone here own the camel colored one? If so, what do you think of it? Also, has anyone been able to compare the larger and smaller sizes and which one would you choose and why?
  2. definately the's a great size and the large in my opinion is too big
    i prefer this bag in the signature...and unlike most (i think) i love the black!!
  3. I like the black too more than the camel. The small is plenty big too for me anyways.
  4. I have camel and I love it! I didn't need a black bag or white/off-white so opted for camel and it's just gorgeous! I got it in medium as the large is just too big for me. Here's the thread where you'll find my bag. The pics do not do the bag justice though. And the saddle trim is fabulous! Scroll down for pics.
  5. camel large
  6. I am kind of debating about this one myself. I have a lot of big bags and the medium size is more the bag I need in my wardrobe as a casual day bag when I'm not lugging a lot of stuff around (I already have a large black tote for work--the Coach book tote) yet somehow I like the look of the bag better in the larger size. If I were buying it for work it would be no contest--I would get the big one, but I would be buying it more for fun. And while I like the look of the bag better in the large size, I feel like the large size looks a little too large on my body. So I'm not sure. I would be looking at the black color.
    Any feedback from anyone would be appreciated!
  7. amelia: Can you go to a local store and try them on? I thought large would be too big for me too and I'm happy with my medium but there are other gals that love the large. You could try the medium black and if it won't work, exchange it. (of course, if you live near a Coach store!)
  8. I actually went to the Coach store which is, unfortunately, 2 blocks from me--not great for the budget! It's so frustrating--I love both bags, but I like the look of the bag slightly better in the large but it does look kind of big on my body. When my medium that I ordered comes in I'll do a comparison again.
  9. Addendum to this story: I ended up getting the medium. The SA actually thought it looked better on me (which was cool of her since the large would have cost $100 more so I think she was being honest :smile: ). I got it in black. I really do love the look of this bag in the large but I have so many big bags and I really needed a medium sized black bag. It is very pretty!