Carly Bag


Dec 29, 2006
I am 99% sure i'm going to order the new Carly bag but I'm not a fan of bags that zip at the top....if anyone has the Carly bag, does the zipper scratch your hand/arm as you're getting in and out of the bag?
I just carried this today but no it doesn't scratch. The zipper is sewn a little deeper than the top of the bag and it lays flat. I don't usually close my bags either you won't have a problem.
^Willowsmom..I totally agree...Definitely a classic..Finally!! I haven't really liked too many bags in the past few years..Coach really has stepped it up the past few seasons...Thank God..I was beginning to worry...Did you buy the med or the large? I bought the large one...and very glad I did..! :heart: Emmy
Well, i didn't buy the Carly because it was alot smaller than appears on the website (smaller than my current bag) and the large was too i bought the signature gallery tote in khaki/sandle/gold and i LOVE IT!!!! This bag was designed for me! It's everything i was looking for in a bag!! It's a little bigger than my current bag (D&B pink hearts shoulder bag) and the straps are adjustable so i can use as a tote or a shoulder bag. And because the handles are thin, they don't fall off my shoulder. I actually squealed in the store when i saw it. :yahoo:The color/size is discontinued and there were none in any other stores so i bought the display! ...I switched out bags right there in the store and as i continued my shopping, that bag turned heads! (it was either that or the goofy grin on my face) I've posted a link below to view pics of my bag in Kodak Gallery...hope it works.
I am the happiest woman on earth!:yahoo:

Thanks for your advice!!!!

Link to pics of my purse in Kodak Gallery:
Let me try this again (you may need to copy and paste in your browser):]96511.36306708711.1167779444302&page=1


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