Carly Bag

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  1. is The Carly Similar To The Shoulder Tote? I Really Want To See It.
  2. we already have a thread or two about the carly bag...there are a handful of pics in those.

    or you can see on that is one the coach site.
  3. Thanks Kallison. I Will Check Out The Coach Site.
  4. i think the one up on the site has teh lozenges on it? or somethign like that.
  5. this is my carly: thread

    it's the large black leather...



  6. It's gorgeous blackbutterfly! Being all leather & having lots of hardware is it heavy?
  7. too darn heavy!!! :yucky:

    no but, seriously, it's really not that bad. :smile:

    i notice it more when people ask me if it's heavy. i have carried school folders & books in it, along with the normal daily purse guts and it's really not noticeable. the only time it bothers me is when it's full and i'm out doing shopping and my hands are already full, and i'm all tired...i notice that i switch it back and forth often then, but otherwise, it's no big deal to me. i've carried heavier and i know that i carry too much with me anyways! :P

  8. I have the medium leather version (I posted a thread awhile ago entitled "Pilot Bag" - anyone know how to link a thread? I'm technologically challenged!) and I don't find it heavy at all. The large is quite a bit bigger though

    Blackbutterfly, I love yours too! So pretty in all black!
  9. are you going to get it in leather or sig, and which color??
  10. thank you, and i love your black sig! they are so cute, but my husband would have killed me if i'd have come home with yet ANOTHER black sig bag!!
  11. I love signature so I'll probably get it in black or khaki. Khaki if it has the blue python trim I've been hearing about & it's affordable. But I'll probably get it in a couple months, I just bought the legacy shoulder bag in leather so I may change my mind depending on how this leather holds up. I don't think they're the same leather, correct?
  12. blackbutterfly, I love yours!!
  13. no. i have the ali and the leather seems to be more..."vintage" i guess. not really scratched, per se, but a used look and feel to it...


  14. As a newbie, sometimes you want to start fresh with a thread. No point in going archive hunting. :nuts: