Carly bag

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  1. Will the medium signature carly bag be available to order for the sale this coming week?

    I want one in black so bad.
  2. I'm pretty sure they're available :smile:
  3. I haven't seen this bag (Carly). What's it like?
  4. [​IMG]
    I think this is the Carly Hobo. I saw this in person at Dillards and I fell in love with it! I want one! Anyone know how much they will sell for?
  5. If I recall correctly, mine was $348 and was the medium version in leather. I think the large was $398. I never checked the price of the pouch.
  6. Can someone give me dimensions for the medium and a style number for these? Thanks.
  7. one of them i believe is 10616. hehe.

    i know b/c that's the one I want.

    but if you are going to order from a coach store, be sure to let them know that it's a pilot bag and that you would have to add a P to the end of the number, or before, when checking store inventory or ordering.

    whether you can use the 25% off with it or not, that i'm not 100% sure, since it is technically due to debut in december..if i remember correctly. BUT i think most likely it'll be next year so if you get it you'll be one of the first!

    ergo is in april
  8. ^ that one is the large leather though.

    if you want the smaller style, or in signature, go to a local coach store if you can and just ask them to look up carly and they'll be able to dig up all the info on it.

    and just a warning, it wouldn't show any stores/jax having it last time i checked, you'll actually need to go into the store inventory and add the P.
  9. wow what a great bag - I'm thinking my purse ban will have to end when this one comes out (sorry Kallison... ;) )
  10. Yay!:yahoo:I called up my local coach and ordered the black on black medium carly! I am so excited. I ordered it over the phone and it is going to be sent to my house. I can't use the 25% though b/c it can only be used for things in the store and this hasn't debuted yet.

    The SA told me it is suppose to debut after Christmas.

    For those who work for Coach, can you tell me if it is debuting after Christmas how I am still able to order it? I forgot to ask:shame: Are all the ones available now pilot ones and what does that really mean?

    I will post pics when I get it.
  11. need to be STRONG with me...
    oh wait. screw it. we're WEAK!

    (besides, you getting that bag gives me an excuse to break my ban, too. so i can just blame you for it. :P)
  12. I am in love with the Carly bag!!!!!so so cute!!!
    i called my local coach store today to get info as i am interested in the khaki signature style and was told it also comes with gold trim/hardware!
    so as soon as i can....i hope to be ordering as well......if anyone finds pics in this style or any additional info will you pls post?????
  13. Hi, I'm also thinking about getting the Carly bag. Does anyone know if it comes in chocolate brown???
  14. LOL well it comes out after xmas right? So realistically we would have made it thru the holidays, which is a pretty big feat in itself, so then we can reward ourselves by breaking the ban just for one little purchase after xmas...i love coming up with justifications...:yes:
  15. From what the sa told me it doesn't. If I remember correctly she told me it came in the brown shown above and one with a gold trim, then the black on black.