Carly bag - Signature or Leather?

  1. Which one do you prefer?
  2. Love the look of the Signature but the Leather is a better investment . The signature is hard to keep clean.
  3. I love signature!
  4. Signature.
  5. Leather. I don't like the big Cs in the Carly signature.
  6. signature
  7. I am still trying to decide!!
  8. I like the leather better on this one.
  9. absolutely, positively, LEATHER!
  10. Leather here
  11. hahaha! I was just about to post something just like this. I'm interested in the large carly bags in black but I can't decide between signature or leather...I think signature is more sylish but leather feels much better...
  12. I vote leather!
  13. If I were going to buy a Carly bag I wouldn't buy signature or leather. I think the suede one in chambray is just beautiful. It's not available again on the website until sometime in February.
  14. I love coach leather so that's an easy pick for me.
  15. I like the signature but like the leather a little bit better!