Carly Bag Question

  1. OK as much as I love this bag - the color, the leather, the size, the zip closure, it TRULY a shoulder bag? I saw it in the store and, although I didn't have time to try it on, it didn't appear to me the strap was long enough to work well as a shoulder bag. I can't work with anything that's NOT a shoulder bag .... what does everyone think?

    Thankx -
  2. yup, definitely a shoulder bag (: i tried on the medium at the coach store - gorgeous!
  3. Yes, just got mine today and it fits on my shoulder with the bag tucked nicely under my arm!
  4. Definitely a shoulder bag. I can keep it on my shoulder and access things. I.e.) at the cash register and you need to get change or your cell is ringing. I love it! :love: