Carly at the outlets?

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  1. Hi ladies, I was checking for the Carly on the web site and They are GONE!! So now I guess I have to hunt the outlets, I tried searching some of the thread and noticed that some are at the outlets. Does any one know how much they are going for and if they are 50% and another 10% off?
  2. Last week I checked and they were $274.99.
  3. were they being discounted any more?
  4. i called Seattle Premium today and the large leather(blue and plum) were $281
  5. The assistant manager at my boutique informed me that they are replacing the Carly with the Zoe because of the fraying issue. I asked if they are sending the signature Carly to the outlets and she said she was told they weren't because they do not want inferior products out. The leather Carly will more than likely be what they have at the outlets. If you are really wanting one and willing to pay full price, I was told that JAX has quite a few leather Carlys in stock.
  6. Thanks for the quick response, I will call jax tommorow and see what I can hunt down. As far as "not" sending the bags to the outlet,,, I would be a Carly bag that they are going to show up in the outlets.

  7. They had signature Carlys at my outlet a couple weeks ago. They seem to be carrying more of the leather ones and the SAs at my outlet were basically talking people out of buying the signature because of the fraying issue.
  8. Does anyone have the number to JAX? Is it the 800 number listed on their website? (Forgive the newbie :shame:smile: I was going to buy the black/silver leather Carly *last week*(!!) and I stupidly decided to wait. I'm going to get one ASAP...
  9. GONE??? I was just on there this afternoon and it was on...Im gonna have to make an outlet run SOON!!
  10. Carly has been at my outlet for several weeks, but I have only seen the all-leather version in both medium and large. At my outlet, they were 40% off with an additional 10% off.
  11. They had the sig Carly at my outlet last Thursday I believe. :yes:

  12. Yeah, call the 800 number on the website and tell them what you are looking for...usually they are friendly and VERY helpful.
  13. i saw them at the outlet just last week
  14. Last time I went there was only a few small sig. carlys and one slim leather one
  15. The last couple Fridays in December they had 10% (or maybe 20%) off coupons at the outlets! Go tomorrow if you can...maybe you will get lucky!