>>>*Carly at the grocery store*<<<

  1. Today is my "grocery shopping day" and for the last several days I have been using my medium Carly. I didn't feel like switching bags and I didn't have enough deep pockets in my coat, for my mini skinny and phone, soooo i brought her w/ me.

    Well, let me tell ya that half way through the store I was ready to give her away or sling her around my neck!!:push: She would not stay on my shoulder! This has happened before on short trips but I though maybe my coat was especially slippery! And I do have shoulders! LOL!:shrugs:

    I did make it through only to find out I forgot to get lots of stuff! Talk about distracting! Geesh, never again!:nogood:
    I think I need a swingpack:graucho:!
  2. LOL! That is such a pita!! :yes:Time for a swing pack!!
  3. That's why I can't buy a Carly. They will not stay on my shoulder, at all!! I try one every time I go in the store. No luck!! Probably a good thing, saves me a little money:tup:
  4. There is a time and a place for a Carly!
  5. Sorry to hear that. I take mine with me everywhere and she is great. :shrugs:
  6. I always take my swingpack when I do grocery to avoid bumping to people, shelves etc..
  7. Carly wont stay on my shoulder either.. no bag really does.. i just take a wristlet to the grocery store... i dont want to set my bag in the dirty cart.. and dont want to hold onto something big the whole time either... :smile:
  8. lol and i thouht i'm one of the rare person to being swingpack style for grocery shopping. it's really very functional and i get to buy/carry more grocery with my 2 free hands :p
  9. I just got the 2005 holiday duffle and I love wearing it LONG on occasion! If I need a free hand, I'll just change the strap to be extra long and voila! Free hands!
  10. Good idea Sunny!
  11. I agree with Sunny! I have my older style Duffles that have convertible straps for shopping excursions - they're very convenient!
  12. I have honestly never had that problem with any of my large Carlys .
    However , today was my first try on with the medium while I was posting the pics for you girls and that medium would not stay on my shoulder. Everytime I put it on my shoulder, it would fall right off. I thought it was just me??
  13. Mine slips off my shoulder when I have my coat on too...which makes me not want to wear my coat...LOL!!
  14. well...if you dont want it anymore i'll take it! j.k. :graucho:
  15. Mine stays on my shoulder well for whatever reason.