Carly and winter

  1. To those who are lucky enough to already own a Carly, do you think this will be a comfortable bag to carry come winter? I mean, would the strap fit comfortably over the shoulder when you're wearing a coat? TIA!
  2. The large Carly would for sure, the medium, that depends on the thickness of the coat I suppose. =)
  3. what she said! :tup:
  4. when i bought my carly last year, i made sure to try it on with a coat before i took the tags off. it fit over my peacoat and my bubble coat with no problems. it didn't slide off either.
  5. I had this EXACT problem....I bought the medium Carly and tried it on w/ a winter coat (I live in NY and we need heavy coats during the winter months) and it was VERY uncomfortable for me.....I am going to buy the large VERY soon though b/c the large is VERY comfy w/ a heavy suggestion is to try both sizes on w/ your coat. The large will definitely fit....the medium may or may not! Good luck and let's hope we have a nice winter w/ not too much snow!!!!
  6. by the way, i have a LARGE.
  7. That is exactly why I am thinking w/ Carly, the LARGE is the ONLY way to go....especially having to wear the heavy coats during 3-4 months of the year!!! NOT looking forward to THAT!!!! LOL