Carly accessorize

  1. So I went to a coach boutique nearby the other day to see if they had the Carly yet, and they didn't. :sad: They said they wouldn't be in until the 23rd :crybaby: and I'm dying here because I need to check out the Carly in person before buying...then order it and have it shipped to my mom who can ship it to Japan because they gave me a catalogue with the prices and the Large carly leather is about 96,000 yen which is about 800 bucks :wtf: (the suede is over 1000) I hate waiting :hysteric:

    So to keep me calm I'm trying to decide how to accessorize it...I'm looking at either the large black leather, or large black signature. I'm hoping to get one of the skull charms I heard were coming out, but if I dont like those I'm going to get the star. I also want a scarf to tie on the bag...I like the outline signature oblong one and the Bias jumbo signature the most..but I am worried about the size...I also like the optic signature ponytail what do you guys think? If you have any other suggestions let me know. Also post pics if you have scarves on a carly! :nuts:
  2. ^^^^ I hate waiting too, but I'm dying over the prices you posted - I heard that there were mark-ups in other countries, but wow!

    Anywhoo - I absolutely love the idea of the skull and crossbones charm! The lips (if they're your style) would also be a nice contrast of color to the black and the star is always cute!

    I have a legacy ponytail scarf and I use it on my whiskey shoulder bag and a brown Kooba I own. I think that or the oblong stripe one would look beautiful against the black. As far as length goes, you can always find creative ways to double it up.
  3. Yeah, I agree the lips would be awesome against the black. The skull and crossbones sounds cute too! Maybe combine the skull with an initial charm or even the lips to add a pop of color? Depends on the skull and crossbones charm though, if it's just grey and black I think I'd want a little more color than that on my bag. But that's me!
  4. i have two charms that i attach to my bag...i have the star charm and a 'K' charm that i clip to the zipper pull.
  5. All I can find are ones on eBay, waiting to see if I find anything at the outlets in a few weeks,thanks