Carly Accessories

  1. Anyone know if there will be matching accessories for the new Chocolate Signature and Chocolate Leather Carlies? I'd love to get a matching wristlet! :yes:
  2. i sure hope so! right now, i am using the signature cotton wristlet in chocolate with my chocolate carly and it looks gorgous together! but i love the brown, so it will be nice to have some more in that color
  3. I asked the SA when I was at the store today. She didn't know for sure but kind of assumed that eventually there would be some. I'm dying to get a little something to match my Carly :heart:
  4. they really need to come out with a matching wallet for the carly's!!!!!!! Not just wristlets. Sorry had to vent a bit. :shame:
  5. ^^
    I agree!!
  6. amen!! I have the khaki/saddle and there is nothing to match.. but most of the others have matching ones.. it sucks!!!! :crybaby:
  7. I hope they make accesories, but I'm pretty sure they will. :yes: