Carlos Santana shoes have red soles!

  1. I could swear I have shoes with red soles but couldn't remember which ones so I went through all of them and sure thing, my Carlos Santana Mary Janes have red soles. I got them on when Zappos still had reasonable prices. I think they ended up costing me like $25 on sale. Anyways, CS shoes are hot and if anyone looking for an alternative to CL, here you go. I am not sure what the sole is made of but I've been wearing them for a long time and the red hasn't scatched off at all so there is no need for clear sole covers. Hope that helps someone!
  2. It makes me sad that the knock-off soles stay red longer than the original brand :crybaby:.
  3. Because it's not leather that's why... notice shoes that don't have leather soles hold up better against wear but then again, I think leather soles make shoes more comfortable since they are not stiff and molds more to the feet with wear.
  4. miu miu has some with red soles as well!
  5. You are probably right, it doesn't appear to be leather sole but I personally prefer it that way. Leather soles get destroyed by rain. Non-leather soles are extremely durable and nothing seems to ruin them.
  6. I really don't think that Carlos shoes are a knock-off brand. His designs are very inventive and he's been doing red soles since the beginning. For all I know maybe even longer than CL had. Red soles weren't invented by CL, that I know for sure.
  7. Miu Miu also has pink soles.
  8. There are many shoes with the red sole at this point. CS doesn't really copy any of the styles of CL like some other brands do like Steve Madden and Oh Deer. Now everyone is also making covered platforms.
  9. This makes me mad because I shell out a lot of money for my CL's. Couldn't he have put a patent on the red sole? lol
  10. I dont know why;like it was stated before- he didnt start it. Back in the gap b4 CL became so popular the other CL (christian lacroix) had hot pink soles. So how do we know he didnt get the idea from him? And not all red soled shoes are cheapo's. Cesare Paciotti is one of my fave brands and he has red soles, so does some Sergio Rossi's.
  11. I thought the same thing. At least it would be nice if clear covers were offered with purchase or something. But I think that most people just wear the shoes and don't worry about the sole so much.
  12. Betsey Johnson shoes also have hot pink soles and she's been around for a while. I kind of like pink more than red to be honest.
  13. I know there are a few people that have different color soles too. I should have stated that it makes me mad when they have the red sole & the same exact style as cl. Just my opinion
  14. Well, Carlos Mary Janes are very different style-wise from CLs. More intricate, I would say. As for red sole, Carlos started with it a long time ago.
  15. I agree.