Carlos Falchi Sale in NYC

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  1. Wanted to share on my first posting....Great sale Dec. 12-14. Went last year and got the most amazing bags at a steal! Its happening next week at 411 Fifth Ave. 3rd fl. I have been collecting Carlos bags for 20 years and they just get better and better so if you are in NYC maybe I will bump into you when shopping. Save at least 50% off whats in the stores right now~

  2. :yes: thanks for the bags and the great prices..
    see you at the sale next week!
  3. darnit, and i was suppose to give my shopping a small pause. i don't think that's going to happen. What was the price range for the bags last year? thanks for sharing and welcome to TPF!
  4. *sigh* Once again, this is good that I don't live in New York. I would probably be first in line for that sale!