Carlisle Clutch-opinions

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  1. Hey ladies! I am considering purchasing a carlisle clutch and was wondering if anyone here owned one? I am about a shortie so I wasnt sure if the clutch would look just ridicously huge when I carried it. Is it practical? Looks like it might be a pain to get in and out of but its so cute!
  2. It is pretty big but I have two and love mine! If you're going to carry it as the folded over clutch, don't expect to too much in there, but they're really fun and I would definitely recommend one.
  3. i love my carlisle, even though it may look a little big for me. i really love the overall look of it. the only downside is that if i'm in a crowded place carrying it folded up under my arm, it gets in the way, people are always walking in to it. regardless, i still get excited everytime i get to use it (i only use clutches for dressier occassions)

    i'm a shortie too, so here's a pic for reference... i hope it helps!

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  4. I used to own a checkerboard one and after much thought, ended up returning it because of the size and the lack practicality :sad: I really loved the design though...
  5. I had two in the past and loved them. Sold them to buy more stuff. I found that I usually carried it open as opposed to the clutch.
  6. i have two and love them. i use them both ways. dressed up as a clutch and open in jeans and a tee. super cute :heart:
  7. WOW! thanks for the picture- those always help! Looks like we may be the same "shape" and height so it puts things into perspective. I think I just have to have one!:biggrin: