Carley's Collection

  1. Here is my small collection. I hope to add 2 more to it by this Friday.:yes:


  2. Carley can you enlarge the pic? I cant see it too well! Your collection looks beautiful!!!!
  3. Mommyville... I will see what I can do. I am having some difficulties in uploading pics. I am trying to get together by Fri. :yes:
  4. [​IMG]One more time!:smile:
  5. Nice collection! Love the Carly!!!!
  6. Beautiful collection!!
  7. Very nice. Can we see a better pic of just the key chains and fobs?
  8. Great stuff!
  9. [​IMG]Here is a close up!
  10. GREAT job, Carley! And a GREAT collection! I cant wait til the chocolate siggy ergo hobo gets added to it!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Gorgeous collection. I love the denim patchwork!
  12. Thanks everyone for the nice comments!
    Mommyville... thank you for the encouragement! I think I will be able to post pics of my ergo on Friday!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. Wonderful collection! Be sure to post the pics of your two new ones when you get them
  14. I have that same skinny mini -love it
    nice collection
  15. Nice collection! Your swingpack is so cute!! And I love your avatar with your Carly & kitty!