Carla Mancini Handbags

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  1. Does anyone own any Carla Mancini bags? They look interesting even though they are very simple, and they are reasonably priced ($200-$300).

    What do you guys think?
  2. Never owned one, but seen many IRL, both in stores and on someones arm. They look better IRL, too. Well made, rich look.
  3. I've also been looking at these bags. I did a search on this forum and there isn't much mention of them. The leather seems really nice and I like the designs.
  4. I have 3 Carla Mancini bags and I LOVE them. The leather is so soft. Highly recommend.
  5. I like this bag, but I think maybe it looks like it's trying to be a Balenciaga (it's that corner deco). Would you think "cute bag" or "knock-off" if you saw it?

  6. Here's another along those same lines:

  7. Okay, I finally happened upon a store that sells them, and I have to revive this thread to say that I am NOT impressed. The first one I saw turned me off before I touched it. The leather looked bad. Once I put my paws on it I was even more taken aback - it felt chalky! It made me actually want to wipe my hand off. It also looked cheap - kind of rough around the edges. So I looked around for another. I found one, different color, leather looked a little different. Still not impressed. While this leather didn't feel chalky, the edges were unfinished, the leather was thin, the zipper color (you know, the fabric part of it) didn't match the leather and was so long it was hanging off the end of the bag by about 4 or 5 inches. The lining looked faded at the edges, and the stitching was not tight and even either. NOT impressed at all. It just looked cheap. The salesgirl did show me her Carla Mancini bag, and it was much nicer than the other two. The leather was thick and supple, the edges looked finished - it looked like a bag you'd pay $400 for. But the other two? No way. All in all, I'd have to say that unless I stumble across one that I can look at IRL and it's really nice, I'm going to stay away from Carla Mancini. I just expect more from $400 bags.
  8. I will let you know I just ordered one today from EBAGS.

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  9. I have the whipstich that people say looks like Bbag. I love it ultra soft and snuggly I have it 3 colors.
  10. Here is the one I have. It IS similar to Balenciaga's matelasse. I bought it for less than $300, however, and it's quite good quality.

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  11. I have a satchel bag that I bought on one of my dot.coms last year. I like the bag, but the first day that I used it a friend noticed a dangling thread and said, "Let me get rid of that dangling thread for you." Well, when she pulled it, the whole top, side of the bag came apart. I then had to take it in to my local luggage repair shop and pay $15.00 to have it re-stitched and to also have the same threads on the other side reinforced. It was the whipstitch style.
  12. Oh dear! So sorry to hear that. I would definitely write to the manufacturer. :shocked:
  13. I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to show a carla mancini bag that I bought in march. It was 550.00. I got it in a boutique where they do not accept returns. I walked by. Saw it in the window and on impulse, bought it. The salespeople were kind of pushy and told me that it was an amazing bag that I wouldn't see everyone walking around with. The leather is pebbled and very nice. Good detailing. Some of the stitching where seams are finished have threads hanging. All in all I like the bag but do not think its worth 550.00. I just got caught up in the moment of being sold something. Would love some opinions on the bag, thanks!!

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