Carla Mancini Handbags

  1. Have any of you checked out her handbags? They are really gorgeous and come in many colors. I can't post the pictures from Bagshop as they copyright their photos. But I am posting the link for them at BagShop.
    No worries about this store-it is very well known and sells authentic handbags. They have a few that look similar to other much more expensive lines such as Chloe.

    Here is the link to their showroom as well:
    Let me know what you think of them-I think they look gorgeous for the price:yes:
  2. Has anyone taken a look? No opinions-c'mon girls-we've all got them on a regular basis!:smile:
  3. Dunno, nothing really jumped out at me I'm afraid.
  4. The only thing that really jumped out at me is that a couple of them look like they're trying to be Balenciagas. I was curious about the quality of the leather. Any input from gals who own these bags?
  5. Some of them are really cute and I just love the colors. I'm kinda biding my time hoping for the price to come down a bit :whistle:
  6. Really, they are very nice. A little pricey, I think, but they are very nice bags.

  7. I went to the second site-her website-and they had more bags that weren't at the Bagshop site. I like a lot of them-her prices seem about the same as most of the bags are getting to be. Less than Kooba, Botkier, or Gussto. They look really nice!
    This one comes in several colors and is about $368.00
  8. As I said before I am just DRAWN to the pretty colors. They would be so much fun for spring/summer.
  9. The leather on Carla Mancini bags is really nice. Very soft. They are among my favorite bags.