Carla Mancini bags?

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  1. Anybody heard of her? Have a bag of hers? How is the leather quality?

    Hautelook is having a sample sale of her stuff right now and there is a really cute fringed bag that I'd like to pick up, but not if its cheaply made.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I used to work at a boutique in NY that sold her hadbags. I have three of her bags but gave two to my sister and she likes them. She uses good quality leather and good workmanship.
  3. I saw them as well on Hautelook seriously considering buying one. I'm waiting for my wife to get back to the office to see if she likes them and if I can beg and cohorce her into letting me buy one for her. Wish me luck!

    Here are a few that I like. My fav is the whitewashed one. I like that it could be used with handles or a shoulder strap.

    Any of you girls who own one please let us know what you think. I read some older reviews from 2007 on TPF but would like some current thoughts. Most were good reviews but there were a couple of not so good ones.

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  4. I saw some at Nordstrom Rack and the leather felt nice and buttery. That's my only experience with them.
  5. Her bags are featured on ideeli now. I've never heard of them before so I searched tPF and found this thread. I like the look of this bag.

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  6. I was just looking in here to see what thoughts were on those bags. I've never heard of her bags until last week. I picked up a beautiful bronze one at Annie Sez. It's so unbelievably buttery soft and seems well made.
  7. The bags look nice but I've not seen them before.
  8. She was a little better known about four years ago. I would compare her bags to those of Tresje - same soft buttery leather. Her bags I remember always had an edge, like she defied style or perhaps was ahead of the times. I almost bought one but ended up with something else. The quality is good.