Carl Karcher, founder of Carl's Jr... RIP

  1. I read an obituary this morning on Carl Karcher, the founder of Carl’s Jr, whose chains also include the Green Burrito and Hardees.

    I remember stories from my grandfather who used to purchase hotdogs from Mr. Karcher from his little cart outside the Goodyear plant. Mr. Karcher’s business evolved and he eventually starting selling hamburgers, and began the Carl’s Jr. stores.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Karcher a number of years ago, when I was working at a restaurant he would frequent. He was such a kind, humble man. Unlike most CEO’s who reside in upscale neighborhoods and drive fancy cars, Mr. Karcher still lived in Anaheim, in the home he purchased with his wife in 1949. Together they raised 12 children.

    He was such a fantastic man, and I hope he rests in peace.
  2. RIP :sad:
  3. prayers and condolences to the family, hope they cope well with such a loss.
  4. I just heard about this the other day. I know his grandson...Carl III