Cariter LVOE ring price in Australia?

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  1. Hehe, planning a little gift for my bday!! I'm looking for one without diamonds, white gold or rose gold:heart:, anyone knows the retail price in Aus??
  2. I had a look at this ring when I was shopping for my fiance's engagement ring a while back, and don't quote me on it, but I think the one without diamonds is around $1.5 - $2k. I just remember the price was very similar to the prices of the LV Empreinte rings I looked at.

    A happy birthday to you too!
  3. ^^Thanks!!!:heart: My bday is still a few months away, but it wont hurt to plan it early and start saving now! LOL
  4. Ekkkk....just got a reply from Cartier, both the yellow and rose gold LVOE ring with no diamond are $2300.....would probably get it before i go overseas to save the tax.
  5. if you buy stuff in europe as a non european resident, u get 13% tax (i think) back when u leave the country if u spend >175 euro in one store in a day,
    saved tones last time went to france and waited for 6mo for it to show up on my credit card, its like a surprise (i already gave up);) i'd choose cash next time~
  6. a reply from the Cartier shop @ Singapore airport, they don't carry jewelry there, bummer, there goes my "perfect" plan!!
  7. Could you order from a Cartier store overseas and have it sent here?
  8. ^^but how about the import tax? i think we'll have to pay tax on any item sent from overseas that exceeds $1000....