Caring for your Speedy's Zipper Pulls?

  1. Hi there! Does anyone out there have problems with their Monogram and Damier Speedy zipper pulls? I don't have pics yet, but does the material on the underside of the zipper pull kinda become flaky? My Mini Lin Speedy does not have this problem because the zipper pull and the tabs are made of a different material, but the Mono and Damier speedy has the same type - do you just cut the excess material (the snags kinda show) with a pair of scissors? I know it's a bit hard to explain, but I'll try to take pics and update this post with it.

    Any tips? My Damier speedy still looks ok, but the Mono Speedy's zipper pull is looking dirty because of this.....

    oh and i'm going to apologize in advance if there has been a separate thread about this already as the search function is currently enabled so I can't check right now.

    Thanks in advance! :smile: :yahoo:
  2. I have a Cerises Speedy and I think I know what you mean. The zipper pull is vachetta and the underside is not finished smooth like the top. I try to pull the zipper by holding the metal piece to keep the vachetta pull tab clean. I know you can have the vachetta pull replaced, but then it won't match the rest of the vachetta.

    I think carefully trimming off the fuzzies on the underside is okay, but I wouldn't do more than just the ones on along the edge that are showing.
  3. finally! someone who understands what I'm trying to describe! LOL :smile: thanks so much for the tip and I think you described it even better! will try to take before and after pics when I attempt to trim the fuzzies on the underside hahaah. thank you!!! :smile:
  4. I have a Damier Speedy in Ebene, and I like to keep the tabs looking smooth by putting a very small amount of lotion on my hands and hoping that when I touch the zip pulls and handles, it helps to reduce the future cracking and flaking that's bound to happen !!!!