CARING for your RM bag...

  1. Gung all of this info is very helpful...Thank you so much! I was curious as to how I should go about cleaning my RM bag and I feel like an expert now :tup:
  2. :heart:Thank you
  3. Thank you - great information.
  4. The Plan B Dusty I got last night is already dirty :sad: I was wearing a dull, red dress today and somehow the bag picked up a bit of the color. Totally a bummer since it's still brand new, but I can't dwell on it.

    With that said, does anyone know where I can pick up AppleGuard and Magic Rub in NYC?
  5. Thank you very much gung for sharing your secrets to handbag care!!!
  6. Wow Gung! You read my mind! I was just logging on to ask how in the world I should clean my RM colored leathers...Thanks so much, your help is much appreciated. :smile:
  7. Thanks Gung, but the apple conditioner did the job, the stain was on the outside leather. And I did condition the entire bag too and looks great!!
  8. Thanks Gung, for sharing these info. :woot:

    I'll need to condition my eggplant and night blue leather as the former looks "haggard" and the latter looks like its about to crack any minute. :sad:
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  10. This is a great thread! Question - has anyone had a water stain on a lighter color? A friend just suffered a water spill on her brand new Dusty Steady :sad: I suggested she go to professional, but is there a way to treat it on her own?

  11. oh dear... i got a cream MAB and the handles darkened! what a nightmare! i tried to clean her using the apple stain thing, but it made it WORSE! though when i did check the cotton ball, it was all black. how very strange!

    i wish i could do something about the handles :sad: they are nearly black, compared to the rest of my lovely bag! what should i do?
  12. Missjenny did you use the cleaner? If the cleaner doesn't work, try a white plastic eraser or even a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (remember to test everything on a small spot first before you do a larger area). If all else fails maybe take it to a professional?
  13. Where can I buy Apple guard products?
  14. ^Thanks Mock...