CARING for your RM bag...

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  1. #1 Apr 10, 2008
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    Hi ladies! I decided to create this thread for you to refer to when you need to clean your Rebecca Minkoff bag. In various threads, I have suggested utilizing antibacterial BABY wipes to gently clean and sanitize your bag. There was some confusion about this in other threads and to clarify, let me say this: In no way should you use antibacterial HOUSEHOLD wipes whatsoever! EVER!

    Here are some of my favorite handbag cleaning products. These are my own personal favorites and I highly recommend them. Even so, there are a ton of other products out there that may work just as well and if you are familiar with any, please feel free to add them here!


    Examples of handbag cleaning products you SHOULD use:

    Apple Care products work wonderfully well. Their conditioner is fabulous and works great to buff out tiny scratches, add a bit of shine to your bag, and of course to moisturize the leather. Shown here is their huge 1 gallon bottle! It's worth every penny!

    Here is a bottle of their cleaning solution. It is a stronger formula then the conditioner and just a BIT goes a long way. It works well but make sure to use with caution. Too much can take some of the color off your bag.

    For Matinee and Dream Bag owners (Or any other bags with suede)
    Apple's Suede and Nubuck cleaner works great for cleaning the suede flaps/trim of your RM bags.

    Apple water and stain protection works great! IMO, this product is a must have in any handbag lovers "artillery". Simply spray your bag lightly to protect from the elements and be worry free!

    Coach's cleaner is a cleaner and conditioner in one. It is a great all-in-one formula that cleans and conditions your bags.

    The Magic Rub eraser! A must have! Keep one or two in a drawer to rub off imperfections on your lighter colored bags. Works like magic!

    Wet Ones Baby Wipes are a staple of mine. I always have a bottle handy to gently clean, moisturize, and sanitize my bags. They work wonders!

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    Examples of products you should NOT use
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    At the bare minimum, I recommend having a bottle of Apple Water/Stain repellent spray, a Magic Rub Eraser, and a bottle of Wet Ones Antibacterial Baby Wipes. Those three products are all you really need to take care of the leather on your RM bags!
    I would add to that list a bottle of the conditioner of your choice if you are concerned about drying leather

    *Remember these are only my opinions and feel free to let me know if you disagree. My intent was only to have a place in which ladies could refer to see what kinds of products have in fact been tested and vouched for:yes:
  4. Thanks Gung, very helpful. Can these products be used on suede as well? Will it change the color of the leather? TIA
  5. Thanks gung!! I use wetwipes as well... a friend introduced me to them and I love them!! As soon as I see any darkening or stain I bust them out and start wiping away, and I swear they work! (or maybe it's just my imagination.)

    ^^bella, I wouldn't use those on suede, but that's just me... just from previous experience on suede shoes, I always left the cleaning to professionals. I have stained a pair of shoes (left a dark mark) from using cleaning products on it.
  6. Appleguard and wilson's both have special products for suede. I've never had any problems with using it on my ugg boots.
  7. Fabulous, GUNG! How thoughtful of you. I have both the Apple Garde and the Apple Leather Care--and get this--I've been too scared to use them, so I've been using my bags UNTREATED! :amazed:*GASP! I've been very gentle with them though, so they're in tip-top shape.
    But I have a question for you, the resident RM expert:P... When I finally decide to treat my bags, do you suggest I use the Leather Care lotion first and then the Apple Garde spray, or vice versa? Or are they completely independent of each other so you don't necessarily need both? I'm so confused! :wacko: That's probably why I've waited so long! Thanks again, GUNG!
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    Apple has a cleaner made specifically for suede and nubuck--Apple Suede & Nubuck Cleaner. Otherwise, I wouldn't use any other cleaning products on suede unless it specifies that it is safe to use on suede and other napped leathers... HTH!
  9. You rock GUNG! Thanks for posting this!
  10. GUNG, you rock. Thanks!!!
  11. awesome! thanks Gung!!
  12. Thank you so much! We all really appreciate this! So helpful!
  13. Where can Magic Rub be purchased? An art supply store? Thanks!
  14. Thanks Gung!
  15. Excellent thread GUNG! I've used Apple Care on my Minkoffs too and it works well. Another alternative:


    Lovin My Bags Leather Care Kit (this one is the kit forumlated for Balenciaga leathers).

    Like Apple, a little bit goes a long way. It's a more expensive than Apple, but I think the cleanser is a little gentler on delicate leathers. This doesn't pick up color as much as the Apple cleaner can with some bags. The moisturizer is very similar to Apple and does leave a soft, silky feel. Pro-Treatment functions like a rain & stain spray, only it is in a cream form rather than aerosol can. Good alternative if you don't want to use aerosol or don't like that smell (my SO HATES the smell of the Apple spray so he's relieved I ran out and am using the LMB stuff).

    The 2 LMB products that are unique are the Shine Restore and For Handles Only. If you have one of the shinier RM leathers and it's gotten a little dull, Shine Restore will do just that, make it shiny again. Works GREAT on my dark gray and wine bags. For Handles Only is a protectant for the handles against darkening and wear from the oils on your hands. A must for lighter handles or anyone who is afraid of oils changing the leather.

    ETA: Magic Rub erasers can be found at any art/school/office supply store, and probably even drugstores. You can use any white plastic eraser.