Caring for your Kooba

  1. I just received my very first Kooba the other day. I was wondering how I need to care for it. I have some Coach leather cleaner but I wonder if I could use it on my Kooba. What type of leather cleaner do you recommend? What else should I do? Do I need to condition the leather? Also is there anything I can do to care of the hardware on my bag? Some of it already looks tarnished and I was wondering if there was something I could use to take the tarnish off. Thanks ladies!

  2. Hi Karenina....most people use "Lovinmybags" products or Wilson's leather protector. Lovinmybags has a website. ( I think the Wilson's can be bought at shoe or leather stores. I bought the lovinmy bags, but will probably try the Wilson's also down the road. Hope this helps.
  3. I use the Wilson's TLC Leather/Suede Protector that comes in the pump spray bottle. It's so easy to use. And it really does work. You can get it at if you don't have a Wilson's store in your area. You get a 4 oz. bottle for $8.95.
  4. Thanks for the reply! You both were very helpful. We do have a Wilson store here so I might run out and get some so my bag will be protected now. I also want to order some from They seem to have some neat products too.
  5. Is the Wilson's definitely okay to use on suede too?
  6. Yes, I doused my Suede Devin 3 times. Looks perfect.
  7. Excellent to hear, Lexie. I've been putting off doing my suede Ginger until I asked about it here so the timing of this question is perfect for me. I was afraid spraying it would affect the nap of the suede or discolor it somehow.
  8. Awesome. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Oh no,
    I just spilled a bottle of water on my cognac Claudia! Tell me it will dry and not leave big water marks!!!
  10. Is there something that is best to use for cleaning the bags? I have some of the Wilson's leather protector on the way, but should I get something different for cleaning?

  11. I use LMB (LovinMyBags) Cleanser for general cleaning and stain removal but I use Wilson's on any new bag I get. I think it's important also to put 2-3 coats on (with several hours seperating treatments). One quick spray is not going to do anything.
  12. the fun begins...did it stain? That's how I got my lovely LARGE patina "mark" on my Toffee Marcelle......did it dry????? :confused1:
  13. Can you use their Lotion on anything and what exactly does it do to the color of the bag?

  14. The lotion you can't use on the Kooba naked leather, but the spray like I ordered, as the girls here state, can be used on any bag, even suede, and it does not change the color one bit. I bought 3 bottles so I have it! (why do I feel I am going to need it :graucho: ) I passed on the leather lotion. I use the coach stuff for leather like that, but not on Koobas.