Caring for your canvas LV in the winter

  1. It just got really cold in Germany. I heard that leaving canvas bags out cold might cause the material to crack. Now, I think, that the LV bags are superior quality - so I don't know if that would happen to them if carrying them out at cold weather a lot?

    What do you think about that and is there anybody who has experience with this?

    Does anybody know if there is a method to protect the bags or just something one can do the protect them? :heart:
  2. I go to college in Massachusetts, and while I've never had a problem carrying my bags in the winter, I'm always afraid they'll crack! they get really cold and stiff...
  3. LV canvas is a strong material, not as fragile as your everyday leather. But if you do fear cracking due to weather, I'd store it in house where there's heater on to keep the bag warm, or condition it. I would only imagine the cracked canvas can be caused by long term storage in somewhere w/no heater??
  4. Hm... I've taken my damier speedy to the snow and NYC before, nothing happened.
  5. Nothing should happen. I've carried my KEEPALL out in - 15 C before. It worked fine even though the canvas got quite stiff.
  6. I also wonder about this. When i bring my bags out in the cold they get stiff not as soft and squishy as they usually are.
  7. It gets super cold here, I just make sure not to bang them around (or open flaps) until they "thaw out". I also condition my bags a couple times a year, partly because of the cold but mostly because the air is very dry.
  8. o no im worried about the cold weather now! I have vintage LV and they havent seen a cold winter for a little while.
  9. my SA told me to condition the canvas with cheap hand lotion (do not get on vachetta)... that keeps it from drying out...... haven't tried it yet.. so not sure if it really works...
  10. Sounds interesting. I will ask my SA about that too. (I am a little afraid to try that out...) But the canvas really is pretty stable.