Caring for your B-Bag

  1. Ok. So it's safe to say that I'm completely obsessed with my bag I bought from PurseSlave..

    But it being an older leather bag - which I loooooove - :love: :love: , and myself being a Balenciaga newbie, I'm up the creek without a paddle as to how I might take care of it without destroying it's Lovlely-balenciaga-ness.

    Please help! How do you all clean yours? Condition?

    Here's a picture :smile: It turned out very... lavender and dark for some reason... Hmm....
  2. I use Apple Guard leather conditioner and protectant.. works great! U can find it at a Burlington Coat Factory.. People also swear by Shining Monkey products! And I love my BBags too-- can't stop using them!
  3. I'm another one who recommends Apple Garde products, I spray all of my Balenciaga's with the rain & stain repellent, and then moisturize with the conditioner - it makes my bags so soft, and really helps them wear beautifully.