Caring for the legacy leather?

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  1. I did search the topic first but nothing I found answered all my questions, hope no one minds. I even searched baby wipes but...oh well. Ok, I was supposed to get a med sig Carly for my B-day but my husband messed me up (long story, he has very different taste than I do and unfortunately he's a fashion watcher so he lets me know what he thinks :rolleyes:), anyway I peeked at the present and it was the wrong bag, it was saddle instead of was gorgeous but I figured I had to check out the gold IRL just in case I was sorry down the road. I went to the boutique and they had the large and the leather etc. etc. and my head started to spin (which is why I tend to stay away from the store and order online, I am too easily influenced and have the attention span of a three year old). I'll stop rambling, I returned the Carly and walked out with the leather legacy slim tote in natural (because the display model had the cutest ponytail scarf...and the SA was nice enough to tie the scarf on the same way on mine). Love the bag but the leather is scaring me. Someone mentioned baby wipes for dirt/stains? Is that ok? The SA said not to put cleaner, moisturizer on it. But I remember reading about using applecare, I did that to an HH bag and found it to be a pain, I don't think I want to do it again, so do I have to? Oh, and is the lining durable? If I throw my keys into the bag will they rip it eventually (I know, silly, but you do toss things into your bag when you are rushed). Thanks for any help or any other advice on taking care of her! :yes:
  2. My SA told me to only use a slightly damp cloth to clean the Legacy Leather Slim Tote. I occasionally use alcohol-free Huggies Baby Wipes to clean the handles. It will slightly darken the leather, but you can't tell on the handles because of the natural leather color variations and darkening. I did get an ugly little oil stain on the front of my bag that really bothered me, so I used a baby wipe to make it less noticeable. But be careful. Only use wipes on this bag if absolutely necessary because it will cause some darkening. Or else just your fingertips to rub out scratches or other marks.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  3. i think legacy leather is the only leather that white is easiest to care for! my whiskey bag is all beat up! they say just rub the scratches out, but mine certainly looks rugged! (considering i've only carried it a half dozen times) the white i use wetwipes on, there is occasssional color transfer but never the scratches on the darker leather....
  4. One more thing. I forgot to say that my tote is also in the Natural color like yours.

  5. ^^Thank you both, that is exactly what I wanted to know. Good to know about the white too, just for the future ;). I am usually scared of white bags but the legacy white is really nice looking and at least it can be kept clean.
  6. Is the Natural A LITTLE less prone to scratches than the Whiskey?
  7. Definitely! I've been carrying around my Natural Slim Tote for months now, and it only has a few scratches. My sister's Whiskey Shoulder Bag acquired a lot more scratches the first month she wore hers.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  8. I moisturized all my Ali legacy leathers with Apple Leather Care Moisturizer, it is not an oil or a wax. It covers up all the scratches, protects against stains and it does not change the color of the leather including natural and brown vintage. It also removed denim transfer on my white Ali. I highly recommend it.
  9. I'll have to buy a bottle of that.
    I haven't even taken the tags off my Ali and it already has loads of scratches.
  10. The SA told me to rub my fingers over the scratches and that would help?? Anyway, a few scratches probably make it look "vintage" and loved right (help me here!). I love the bag but I want to use it without being neurotic.
  11. I have a bottle of that...did you use it on the natural colour and everything was alright?
  12. Yes. I received an absolutely flawless Natural Ali from an Ebay seller. I immediately rubbed Apple moisturizer all over it and it did not change the color. I think Whiskey and Brown scratch up more easily. The moisturizer covers the scratches on the brown as if they were never there. Try it on the underside of the strap or on that strip of leather under the flap.
  13. ^^Thanks!
  14. Where can you buy Apple Leather Care Moisturizer?
  15. ^^
    Was just about to ask this....