Caring for the Hologram Spy


Dec 24, 2005
I believe I've seen the Fendi Hologram Spy bag on several bag collections here. So, I was wondering how it has held up. I just got mine about 24 hours ago, and I'm so paranoid about messing it up! The little slits in the leather seem like they could tear quite easily, and the card gave a warning about water, which could make the colors run, and about the bag rubbing against other surfaces. (This makes me think that a denim jacket would be a disaster with this bag). And, although some of you have already reaffirmed the beauty of this bag, I need to be reassured that this one was a good one to get! Yes, it is beautiful, but I'm hoping it will last forever because I may never again have a bag this nice! Many thanks.
I have the hologram spy but I havent really taken it in the rain. The bag looks delicate but actually the leather is very suple and tough. For over 2 G the bag should be made to take a beating. Don't be scared to use it and just store it in the dustbag if you don't use it. I don't think this bag is classic and especially being metallic, it might be out next year (for the color at least) but I assure you I love this bag so much and it looks great with any outfit. It's definetely a keeper.
Treat it as you would any other good leather bag. If you bought it from a store, ask what they recommend to keep the leather supple. And I figure if the Olsen girls can go bar hopping with a Holigram Spy, it should hold up well.