Caring for Silver Metallic Spy

  1. Hello ladies,

    I am seriously lusting after the silver metallic spy, and am now afforded the opportunity to buy one. My worry is that the dye looks little like it can be scratched off, like the silver foil on coupons (know what I mean?). I may be paranoid here, but I've also read somewhere that a lot of people are returning it because of this dye problem. For all of you who own the silver spy, do you have any problems with it and do you recommend it? Or would you tell me to get it in another color, perhaps one of the new all colors? Thanks for your views~!
  2. I just got one and used it a few times already. I am usually pretty rough with my bags (I mean I throw them around, put them on the floor, etc.) and metallic spy is no exception. It's holiding up pretty good so far!:lol: PM Pelinaka (she's had it longer than me and might have a better idea).
  3. I've had mine for a couple months now, with no problems whatsoever! It's been thru rain and shine - I would highly recommend it. It is worth every dollar - lol!!!
  4. Thanks ladies!!!
  5. I love mine...its one of my favorite problems at all.
  6. metallic silver! wow!!!! what does it look like! sounds amazing!!!!
  7. :graucho:
  8. Thank you Irene! You are too cute
  9. :shame: :lol: You are welcome!!!:love:
  10. oooooo ok! heee i thought it was a diff. one! oops... but that one is gorgeous!