caring for silk scarves / twilly? wash in water?

  1. my hermes twilly is all creased from being tied. without bringing it to the dry cleaners everytime i want to retie it differently, can i just wet it in lukewarm water and redry it flat?
  2. Hmm, mine (well, I have two :smile:) get wrinkled from storing them in the circular container and retying them, but I've used a steamer, and it works wonders. If it's dirty, I'd probably dry clean in, but if it's just wrinkled, a steamer would be great (or maybe an iron on a low setting, but I don't use one, so I'm not sure). :smile:
  3. i think a steamer is good. an iron could make unwanted and difficult to remove creases and i don't think they recommend immersing their silk scarves in water.
  4. Check the Hermes forum, there are several threads on how to best clean and press scarves. I believe that cold water is usually better than lukewarm, and steamers are a good idea too. I just hang mine over the back of a chair to let the wrinkles ease out a little and that does OK.
  5. i have 2 and i agree steaming is best
  6. Go over the Hermes forum. This topic has been discussed many times, so there is tons of great advice from those who know!!
  7. Yep, you can find this info on the Hermes forum. However, I would NOT wash it in water. It should be dry cleaned or steamed if you just want to get the wrinkles out.