Caring for my Kooba ~ Help please

  1. I was surprised that there is no care instructions with my Kooba Charlie.

    Can you tell me, what (if anything) I need to do. The leather seems so delicate, I am wondering whether it will need a different type of product than I would use on a rigid leather bag.

    Thanks for any help, I appreciate your expertise.
  2. I don't know how helpful this would be to you, but, really, do you need to put anything on any leather bag at all? I just wear it and be careful with it. Bags are meant to be worn. I would worry that I would put some protectant on it and the leather would change color or get blotchy. I'm sure there are other opinions, though.
  3. Thanks so much, that is exactly why I am concerned, even with natural products, used on the wrong thing and you can have disastrous results.
  4. I don't put anything on mine. I do know that has products that are great for leathers, though - I would email her about your bag and ask what she recommends. Good luck.
  5. I don't use anything either. However I have a Kooba Brooklyn (an older Kooba) that was looking rather dry. So I used LovinMyBags Balenciaga Cleaner and conditioner on it. Looks lovely now. I also did it to another Vintage Kooba. Here they are after I did them.


  6. I do spray a Wilson leather protectant immediately after I purchase the bag. This gives it a small layer of water protection, just enough so if it rains I do not worry.

    So far it works great and I do not have to fuss or worry about them getting wet.