Caring for my Hermes pocket square?

  1. Hello, Hermes lovers! :smile:

    I have a question about caring for my zebra pocket square. After keeping it tied on my bag for a while, it gets a bit wrinkled where the knot is tied. I always fold it and store it in its box when I'm not using it, but I'd like to know - can I iron it to get the wrinkles out? If so, what setting should I have my iron on? Should I use a light spray starch? My poor pocket square needs to go to the spa for a revitalizing treatment :P

    Any information and tips you guys could provide would be great! :flowers:
  2. I haven't ironed my scarves yet, but I think you could on a low setting (maybe there is a silk setting?) also put a cloth inbetween the scarf and the iron. No water or spray.
    You could also take your square to the cleaners for pressing only.
  3. I will have to check if my iron has a silk setting (as you can tell, I don't iron :P ), but I know there is a low setting on there. The cloth is a great idea, I had not thought of that. Thanks! :heart:
  4. Yup...a thin cotton handkerchief between the scarf and the iron. And then, spray a fine mist of water on the handkerchief and then use the iron ontop of that. Works really well.
  5. Thanks, Shopmom!
  6. Shopmom...thanks too for clearing up the water idea! Can I send my wrinkled scarves to you? Just being silly!!
  7. I send my scarves to be dry cleaned when they get wrinkly. Well worth the $4!
  8. Well, I took lovehermes' advice, and my square came out looking great! :cool: It didn't take me long at all to get the wrinkles out of it, I have it lying flat on the ironing board, cooling off. I also ironed my LV bandeau :smile:

    Shopmom - The water misting is a great idea, it probably gets the wrinkles out even better. I am going to try that next time, since I'll probably iron the pocket square between uses. I took it out today to tie onto my LV Cabas Piano and it looked like it needed a pick me up :lol:

    Thanks, everyone! :heart:
  9. Yes, a light mist of water gets wrinkles out very well since it makes the old wrinkles "disappear". My mom used to own a laundromat and she often does that to clients' shirts for a pick-me-up after it gets back from the factory if the factory left a few wrinkles.
  10. Just hang it. The winkle will smooth out by itself overnight. No need to dryclean unless it got dirty.
  11. One last thing - if you use water, don't use tap water!
  12. On a related question, I need some help with my Passage de Paris scarf. I noticed the other day that I've SOMEHOW managed to brush the end of the scarf over my lipstick! :shocked:

    Now I have pink on the edge - including the hem. Can any drycleaner help me with this? Also, hope this is not too stupid a question but if they "press" the scarf during the dry cleaning wouldn't it flatten the hem? Or do they clean them without "ironing" as such? Any help would be much appreciated. I know it's only a scarf but it's my first H purchase & I really :heart: it. :flowers:
  13. Yes, should come out with drycleaning. I always remind my dry cleaner to try to keep the hems plump!
  14. ...hand wash all my scarves in ivory liquid and dry flat on a white terry towel opr on my terry covered drying bar.
    i iron thru a cotton square & mist with ironing spray if i need to de-wrinkle them (evian and drops of lavendar essential oil in a spray bottle)
    they look pristine & brandy new!!!